Eco Kids Planet Magazine

I am a collaborator for Eco Kids Planet magazine. I create nature-based papercraft activities to be featured in their magazines, which are aimed at children. The activities are usually based on the main feature and theme of each monthly issue. I love the challenge of coming up with new and exciting ideas for each issue!

Eco Kids Planet magazines
Eco Kids Planet magazine whale papercraft issue
Papercraft whale greetings cardPapercraft whale greetings card, December 2023
Amur tiger issue for Eco Kids Planet magazine
papercraft amur tiger christmas baublePapercraft Amur tiger Christmas bauble, December 2022
papercraft peacock sculpturePapercraft peacock sculpture, July/August 2022
papercraft ocean playsetPapercraft ocean playset, July/August 2021
octopus sculptureOctopus sculpture, May 2021.
polar bear christmas tree decorationPolar bear Christmas tree decoration, December 2020.
owl maskOwl mask, July/August 2020.
horse puppetHorse puppet, April 2020.
robin christmas greetings cardRobin Christmas greetings card, December 2019.
snake finger puppetsSnake finger puppets, July/August 2019.
dolphins concertina sceneDolphins concertina scene, June 2019.
baobab tree sculptureBaobab tree sculpture, May 2019.
Parrot frameable sceneParrot frameable scene, April 2019.
Snow leopard face maskSnow leopard face mask, March 2019.
Swans sculptureSwans sculpture, February 2019.
Shark finger puppetShark finger puppet, January 2019.
Penguin tree ornamentPenguin tree ornament, December 2018.
Penguin tree ornamentPenguin tree ornament, December 2018.
Owl moveable sculptureOwl moveable sculpture, November 2018.
Owl moveable sculptureOwl moveable sculpture, November 2018.
Spider and web finger puppetSpider and web finger puppet, October 2018.
The Sun sculptureThe Sun sculpture, September 2018.
Turtle sculptureTurtle sculpture, July/August 2018.
Jellyfish wall-hangingJellyfish wall-hanging, June 2018.